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Lake Wissota/Chippewa River - 2018

Von der Sonne geküsst (Sun Kissed) is what the owners of this new Lake Wissota home call this property.

Combining angular lines, large windows, and multiple openings to the sun at different times of the day - this home is light filled, warm and inviting.

Cooler colors balance the warmth of sunlight across hard surfaces designed for hot-tubbing and lake living. Those cool color tiles and polished cement may look cold to the foot, but in floor heat keeps the occupants in bare feet year round.

The property has many custom touches. The staircase is a combination of wood handrails, metal floating framing and granite treads. The powder room adds soft under onyx lighting atop a slender metal leg, faced with a rough cut wood. The front porch is given visual interest by combining massive steel posts with an exposed wood ceiling.

Lake Wissota/Chippewa River - 2018